Saturday, March 3, 2012

Don’t lose your hair!

Are you bald because of hair loss? Do you see a familiar emoticon when you look at the mirror? “You look like Yahoo! Messenger’s emoticon,” a silly joke for bald people. Some people choose to be really bald while others are left with no choice due to hair loss disorder.

Well, hair loss is not really a big deal anymore because several number of treatments are now available which are offered by medical practitioners. The treatment depends on the level of hair loss. For some, applying treatment products could be their everyday regimen while for others permanent surgical methods are required. Cost of treatments also varies. For this reason, surgical procedures are more expensive compared to products which are available on the market.

White Paper, an online review of medical researchers, recommended hair loss treatments which are available on the market.

Tricomin® is intended to prevent further hair loss damage. It is produced as well as distributed by a careline company known as ProCyte Corporation.

Speedwinds Nutrition Incorporated exclusively distributes Procerin which is readily available even without prescription by a physician.

Toppik® Hair Thickener is developed to totally enhance the hair of a person suffering from baldness. It is produced with the primary ingredient of keratin fibers. Spencer Forrest Incorporated distributes this treatment product.

Provillus™ nourishes hair follicles for healthy growth as well as prevent further loss of hair while Revivogen® which is created by Dr. Alex Khadafi. It is a formulation for anti hair-thinning.

These products may be used by both men and women. It is best to consult an expert first for safety precautions.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hair Loss myths freak women out

Generally, men lose their hair as they grow older. Unfortunately, women also lose their hair as they age. But it creep women out if they experience excessive hair loss during their prime age. This may be due to insufficient knowledge on why they lose hair because of some existing myths.

Some myths say that hair loss in women means not having a normal two X chromosomes. Sometimes, it is caused by washing hair too often or too much brushing/combing your hair. A permanent loss is also caused by dyes and perms you apply. And lastly, some myths tell you that wearing hats and wigs will bring thinning in your hair. Who wouldn’t freak out with these (shallow) reasons of losing hair? The sad thing is, some women believe these and will also resort to myths on how to regrow their hair.

These hair regrowing myths include standing on your head to bring it back and shaving your hair will help it become thicker.  But some suggests that only miracle can cure hair loss or hair thinning. Isn’t it sad if you have come to first know all these?

But these strange myths will only delay your treatment. Remember that hair loss has a cause and can also be treated. The first thing to do is avoid believing these myths. Then, you can now consult your doctor regarding its cause and cure. Usually, hair loss in women is temporary.  Genetics is also one factor that affects hair loss. So don’t freak out because there are products which can be applied to help regrow your long hair.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wear A Hair

Dealing hair loss can be devastating for some. It grabs away the person’s confidence and self-worth especially for women. And although 40% of men experience hair loss, it’s still hurting how the society and media depicts balding men negatively. This makes the existence of treatments important for those who suffer hair loss. 

Hair loss treatments vary from its causes. There are permanent surgical procedures available but it comes with a much higher price than those which can be bought over the counter. Many opt for treatments products they can apply as a daily regimen.

Doctors have cited hair loss treatments for men and women to re-grow hair. Among these are Procerin, ProFollica, Corvinex, Crinagen, and Tricomin. These treatments are developed with natural ingredients promising no harmful side effects when regrowing hair. There are still other treatments doctors may recommend specifically made for men, women, those with grey hair, thinning hair, and for anti-thinning hair.

While these treatments require more time to re-grow hair. You may opt wearing hair instead, to parties and meetings with other people without feeling ashamed or what. Some people may have discard the option of wearing wig as it looks unrealistic, akward, or just not fit to your face or head. Still, there are good hair replacement salons which do not only give you the right wig but understand the devastations and all other feelings that encompasses when buying a hair.

Some salons which have positive feedbacks from customers are Lee Anthony and Wigs Today. Stories from women who went here said these salons show integrity and honesty and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable when trying on different hairs.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why do people lose hair?

Hair loss is something that most of our parents and grandparents worry about. Usually, we say it comes with age unless someone has a disease causing the baldness. But did you know that in some cases, teens lose their hairs too.

According to studies, it is normal to lose 100-150 strands of hair per day.  Hair undergoes a natural process of growing and resting. But too much hair loss can mean something- a person may be seriously sick or is not eating right. For teenage girls, wearing a hairstyle which pulls on the hair for a long time such as braids may cause hair loss.

But more frequently, it has nothing to do with an internal disease or poor diet, hair is simply thin due to genetic factors. Most men and women notice a physiological thinning during their thirties and forties. Hormonal changes also affect baldness as in the cases of pregnant women, puberty, and menopause.

Hair loss can also be a side effect of the medication one takes. As for cancer treatments like chemotherapy, the number one side effect is hair loss which will eventually lead to being bald. In this case, hair grows back after six months to one year.

On other variations, our normal life which includes severe stress will eventually lead to hair loss.  Physical or emotional stress can actually cause two types of hair loss. One is called telogen effluvium. The hair only becomes dormant which falls out 2 or 3 months and regrows within 6 to 9 months.

The other type is called alopecia areata, a stress-induced hair loss which involves attack of white blood cell on the hair follicles. It falls out within weeks but may unfortunately involve the whole scalp and body hair. Treatment may be needed to help the hair grow back on its own.