Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hair Loss myths freak women out

Generally, men lose their hair as they grow older. Unfortunately, women also lose their hair as they age. But it creep women out if they experience excessive hair loss during their prime age. This may be due to insufficient knowledge on why they lose hair because of some existing myths.

Some myths say that hair loss in women means not having a normal two X chromosomes. Sometimes, it is caused by washing hair too often or too much brushing/combing your hair. A permanent loss is also caused by dyes and perms you apply. And lastly, some myths tell you that wearing hats and wigs will bring thinning in your hair. Who wouldn’t freak out with these (shallow) reasons of losing hair? The sad thing is, some women believe these and will also resort to myths on how to regrow their hair.

These hair regrowing myths include standing on your head to bring it back and shaving your hair will help it become thicker.  But some suggests that only miracle can cure hair loss or hair thinning. Isn’t it sad if you have come to first know all these?

But these strange myths will only delay your treatment. Remember that hair loss has a cause and can also be treated. The first thing to do is avoid believing these myths. Then, you can now consult your doctor regarding its cause and cure. Usually, hair loss in women is temporary.  Genetics is also one factor that affects hair loss. So don’t freak out because there are products which can be applied to help regrow your long hair.

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