Saturday, March 3, 2012

Don’t lose your hair!

Are you bald because of hair loss? Do you see a familiar emoticon when you look at the mirror? “You look like Yahoo! Messenger’s emoticon,” a silly joke for bald people. Some people choose to be really bald while others are left with no choice due to hair loss disorder.

Well, hair loss is not really a big deal anymore because several number of treatments are now available which are offered by medical practitioners. The treatment depends on the level of hair loss. For some, applying treatment products could be their everyday regimen while for others permanent surgical methods are required. Cost of treatments also varies. For this reason, surgical procedures are more expensive compared to products which are available on the market.

White Paper, an online review of medical researchers, recommended hair loss treatments which are available on the market.

Tricomin® is intended to prevent further hair loss damage. It is produced as well as distributed by a careline company known as ProCyte Corporation.

Speedwinds Nutrition Incorporated exclusively distributes Procerin which is readily available even without prescription by a physician.

Toppik® Hair Thickener is developed to totally enhance the hair of a person suffering from baldness. It is produced with the primary ingredient of keratin fibers. Spencer Forrest Incorporated distributes this treatment product.

Provillus™ nourishes hair follicles for healthy growth as well as prevent further loss of hair while Revivogen® which is created by Dr. Alex Khadafi. It is a formulation for anti hair-thinning.

These products may be used by both men and women. It is best to consult an expert first for safety precautions.

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